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What others are saying about Tom . . .

Danny FunderburkAs I was beginning my fulltime career with the Cathedral Quartet, I met a young man that was faced with a world of opposition. Crippled and confined to a wheelchair that was supposed to contain him for the rest of his life with seemingly no hope in sight. One would think that his life would be over, but not in Tom's case. Never have I met anyone as strong as Tom, with such a desire to live a full life. Tom truly knew where his strength arose.

The message that Tom shares will make you realize that faith in yourself and to a living God will provide miracles in your life. Tom always told me that he would walk again. I must be honest, when I saw him for the first time, I couldn't ever see him coming out of a wheelchair. Now my faith in my savior is so much stronger since Tom has conquered the odds!

I would like to recommend Tom to come and share his message with you. I truly believe that you will be challenged and lifted up as Tom walks his way into your live.

Danny Funderburk -
Danny Funderburk Ministries - Indian Trail, NC


Alan CarrTom Shuford is a genuine believer. He loves His Lord. Beyond that, he has a wonderful testimony of God’s grace in his life. The story of how God saved him, brought him through a time of serious illness, and of how God has greatly blessed and used him since that time is a life-changing testimony to the grace, power and glory of God.

I highly recommend to you Brother Tom Shuford. Our church has been supporting this ministry for several years, and we are thankful to be a part of what the Lord is doing through Tom.

To hear Tom’s testimony is to experience the power of the Lord’s life-altering touch. The lessons from Tom’s life, and of the grace of God at work in his life, are blessings you do not want to miss.

Dr. Alan Carr -
Calvary Baptist Church - Lenoir, NC



jameslockeeI want to take this opportunity to recommend Brother Tom Shuford and the ministry the Lord has intrusted to him. I came to know Brother Tom when he enrolled at West Lenoir Baptist School of Ministry. The physical suffering Brother Shuford has gone through qualifies for this ministry. You will be benefited through his ministry.

Pastor James Lockee -
President of West Lenoir Baptist School of Ministry.




Ed HillI've known Tom for many years. I've watched him battle many obstacles in his life but his deep faith in God has made him a winner!

His testimony of these battles will bless, inspire and lift you to new heights. He has taken his trials and turned them into victory. Tom Shuford is a winner !

Ed Hill
One of the most respected men in gospel music !



Rusty Craig

I would like to recommend to you the ministry of Tom Shuford. I have witnessed the healing work of God in his life as he battled leukemia. He has a great testimony of God's love and faithfulness during times of difficulty that will encourage many hearts. 

I have also been blessed to witness God provide Tom a precious wife, Terry. God is using them in a special way to minister to other parts of the body of Christ. You will be blessed to have them. 

I trust that as you may have the opportunity to have them minister, that you will prayerfully consider having them. God has His hand upon them and truly ministers to others through their ministry. I am honored to recommend them to you. 

Pastor Rusty Craig
Tri-City Baptist Church - Conover, NC


If you have never heard Mark Trammelthe life changing testimony of Tom, then you have missed out on one of life's great blessings. Hearing about the miraculous touch of God on Tom's life will change YOUR life forever !

Mark Trammell
Mark Trammell Ministries - Gadsden, AL



Danny Croce

"After hearing Tom share his testimony in the chapel, at Plymouth County Correctional Facility, the inmates and myself all agreed, "We got to have him back!" Tom's story speaks of one man's faith in God, while the odds were greatly against him."

Chaplain Danny Croce
New Hope Correctional Ministries  - Plymouth, MA





Jeff Easter

I met Tom about 35 years ago during his first recording session. Several years later, he was confined to a wheel chair and faced a fatal disease. Despite the circumstances, he was still a cheerful young man. It's wonderful to know he's now up walking around and spreading the news about his miraculous healing.

Keep Smiling !
Jeff Easter
Jeff & Sherri Easter - Lincolnton, GA



Jerry Clower

For the many years that I've known Tom, he has always been such an inspiration to me. If there were ever a person that I would recommend, it would be Tom. Don't miss hearing what God has done for this young man. He'll bless your heart!

The Late Jerry Clower
Country Comedian - Nashville, TN




Charles BrownI joyfully recommend to you the message of Tom Shuford. Tom shares the love of Jesus from his heart. He is a living 'epistle' of God's enabling and healing grace through great personal pain and suffering. You will be blessed to make Tom apart of your life.

Dr. Charles Brown
Covenant Church - Lincolnton, NC





Garland Elliot

Tom has a wonderful testimony of God's miracle working power and he will be a blessing wherever God calls him. I highly recommend Tom.

The Late Rev. Garland Elliot
Living Word Pentecostal Holiness Church - Maiden, NC

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